Analytic Solutions:
Our analytical solutions will give you a better understanding of your customer's needs and how to meet them. These solutions will provide end-to-end analytical management for marketing programs, including predictive analytics and data strategy as well as statistical and data mining models to improve marketing effectiveness.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of analytic models to serve a range of marketing and sales objectives spanning multiple levels of analysis. Our seasoned analysts guide you through all aspects of data strategy including model selection, targeting, segmentation and data work.

Opportunity Analysis:
It is important to clearly identify the potential opportunities essential for intelligent allocation of marketing resources. Our Opportunity Analysis helps you to determine revenue opportunity by customer and product across multiple geographies. It provides actionable insight that helps you evaluate Base Product Penetration (BPP) and Revenue per Base Product (RBP) enabling you to identify both risk and opportunity. What's more, our flexible methodology is compatible with your customer segments, product hierarchies and revenue models.

Real Time Progress Evaluation:
To stay ahead of the competition you need to evaluate progress in real time and make the necessary corrections. Our solutions begin with a fact-based understanding of your markets and customers. Because your business is unique in its marketing approach, our teams don't make a move until they have a solid command of your company's goals, customers, go-to-market strategy and data assets. We work with you to ensure your goals and strategies are aligned to the outcomes you've targeted for your business.

Customer Profiling:
We perform customer profiling to give you an additional insight about your customers. It helps to identify and gain a deeper understanding of your target market.

Profiling uses similar characteristics to group consumers into 'types' or 'profiles', who are likely to share certain habits, likes and interests. Concrete information is used to make these profiles as accurate as possible. This data gives you a clearer picture of who your customers are and about their likely behaviour in the future.

Campaign Management:
We manage multi-channel customer campaigns including co-ordination, execution and scenario planning of campaigns. Our responsibilities include critical and timely customer segmentation, campaign testing strategies, performance evaluation and campaign outputs.

In campaign management, the key is to provide strategic support and insights on the development and evolution of highly relevant customer engagement strategies. Also equally important are managing and monitoring campaign expenses. We also create and maintain comprehensive tracking reports of all campaigns.